Career Moves: Dr. Hardy’s Survey shows that Men often do not reward themselves for a task well done.

In a survey conducted by Dr. Hardy of 429 Certified Public Managers, when responding to the statement “When I have successfully completed a task, I often reward myself with something I like,” 76% of men found this statement to be not at all, somewhat, or a little accurate. On the other hand, 69% of women had the same response to the statement.  Based on feedback, both men and women engage more in self-punishment techniques that self reward.

Here are a few projected trends towards Performance that managers and organizational leaders should make note of:

  • High performance organizations will require high performing employees
  • Ratio of supervisors to employees continues to diminish (Flatter orgs.)
  • Retirement Trends (Brain Drain)
  • Implementation of pay-for-performance appraisal system
  • Results-based management (Prove it!)
  • Studies have linked self-leadership practice to improved performance